Sihle Bolani Consulting is a firm specialising in Organisational Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programme Development, Employee Engagement, Internal Communications, External Communications, Conversation Facilitation (workshops, panel discussions, strategy sessions) and Career Coaching.

We help organisations review their internal culture, identity equality and equity gaps, assess employee satisfaction and sentiment, and work with them to develop sustainable solutions that aid productivity, business growth, talent retention as well as talent attraction. We amplify this work by also providing integrated communications support to ensure effective and impactful communication and relationship building with internal and external stakeholders.

Although some progress has been made with regards to transformation in some organisations, aspects such as pay equality, recruitment process transparency, HR policy efficacy, culture, historical influence, language and symbols within organisations continue to result in a widening disconnect between employers and employees, increasing staff turnovers, increasing trust deficits between employees and employers and a steadily increasing spike in work-related stress, anxiety and other mental health-related concerns.

The key driver behind our work is our commitment to re-engineering workplaces and enabling the rise of healthy, conscious, equal and fair work environments that are safe for – and supportive of – all employees. In order to achieve this, transparent and challenging conversations must be met by deliberate, measurable action and commitment from leaders who value employee wellbeing and understand the relationship between employee satisfaction and business profitability.


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At Sihle Bolani Consulting, we believe that responsible leadership requires making responsible decisions, ethical leadership requires operating ethically at all times, compassionate leadership requires leading with compassion, and that none of these can exist on their own or without consistent and deliberate intention and investment.

Our clients are leaders in organisations who want to proactively charter a new course in organisational culture by creating environments that employees want to be in and give their best to because care and attention is given to every touch point that the employee has with the organisation, from recruitment, to policy development and implementation, to support and career development, to remuneration, experience, employee value propositions, empathy, flexibility and transparency.

We would like to help your organisation achieve your people goals of transformation, diversity, inclusion, equality, strategic reputation management and transparency.

Ms. Sihle Bolani (CEO & Founder) is a Strategist, writer, podcaster and speaker who is focused on driving meaningful change in organisations through collaborations that uncover gaps relating to diversity & inclusion, organisational culture and strategic communications. At our core, Sihle Bolani Consulting’s goal is to develop comprehensive programmes that result in value for employers, employees and workplace culture.

In 2018, Ms. Bolani released her first book, titled: “We Are The Ones We Need: The War on Black Professionals in Corporate South Africa”, which peels away the layers of race-related discrimination in the workplace, lending her voice to a territory many are afraid to enter.

In 2020, her book was nominated for a South African Literary Award, recognising her accomplishments as a First Time Author. The second edition of her book is due out in 2021, with new chapters that will include her observations from many challenges 2020 presented and amplified for Black professionals globally.

Ms. Bolani has been inducted as an honorary member of the Golden Key International Honour Society by the University of Cape Town Chapter. She was also profiled by True Love magazine as a Game Changer.

Through her platforms, such as Working While Black, her Youtube page, Konnekted with Sihle Bolani, her podcast, The Workplace Revolution with Sihle Bolani, her Private Coaching, her Instagram page and the Unheard Sessions: Working Women Worldwide, Ms. Bolani has been intentional about creating meaningful value for her audience that will empower them as they navigate the challenges they face in the workplace, including discrimination, pay inequality, racism, sexism, mental health awareness & destigmatisation, inclusivity, labour law-related matters as well as HR -related issues and concerns.

Sihle has also recently announced the launch of her own publishing company, SNR Publishers, which will focus on Black writers and centre Black voices and narratives.

She has been featured in publications such as DESTINY, True Love, Glamour, Sheen Magazine, Medium, Fast Company and BuzzFeed. She has also featured on broadcast media such as Metro FM, PowerFM, KAYA FM, WVON (Chicago), Afternoon Express, eNCA, TrendingSA and NewzRoom Afrika.

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