EVENT: Heal Your Mind, Build a Business and Create Wealth Webinar

 I am so excited to announce that Konnekted is bringing you the Heal your Mind, Build a Business & Create Wealth Webinar on July 11th, 2020! 

Konnekted with Sihle Bolani is a membership-based career development platform offering Black professional women guidance, tools and resources to successfully navigate the workplace and build meaningful connections. 

With this webinar, we are opening up the Konnekted platform to everyone, inviting you and your friends to join in on critical conversations and opportunities to learn from an incredible panel of accomplished Black women who are specialists in their fields – and it’s free!

Our Panelists

Miyume McKinley is a licensed Psychotherapist with over 15 years’ experience in social services and mental health. She is committed to breaking negative stigmas associated with mental health, educating people about mental health diagnoses and sharing tips & tools for improving emotional health – all being especially important in the face of a pandemic, and the racial trauma Black communities are faced with. 

Farissa Knox is the founder of RLM, a Chicago-based boutique advertising agency that specializes in media planning & buying. She is also the author of, ‘Love, Sex and Friendship: In No Particular Order’, which was released in February 2020. 

Ronda Brunson has over 15 years’ experience in the credit industry. She is also an entrepreneur, author and is dedicated to educating people about credit, debt management, financial literacy and the critical role that they all play in wealth creation.


Sihle Bolani is a Brand Communication Strategist, Organisational Transformation Advocate, founder of the Konnekted platform, author of, ‘We Are The Ones We Need: The War on Black Professionals in Corporate South Africa’ and founder of workingwhileblack.co.za
Her passion is creating and curating resources & platforms that support and amplify Black women’s experiences and professional ambitions. 

Register now!
To secure your opportunity to learn from these incredible women, register for the webinar now – seats are limited. 
Register: https://bit.ly/3g0ASo2

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