EVENT: Konnekted Presents Black Women’s Voices in Policy, Advocacy and Social Justice

As we grapple with the complexity of being an underrepresented, largely marginalised demographic group, Black women in different parts of the world are looking for ways to ensure that their voices are heard, amplified and impossible to ignore – with one aim; to drive revolutionary changes in a grossly unequal world.

Join us for our second Konnekted webinar on Saturday, 14 November 2020 as we tackle this conversation with speakers Astra Armbrister-Rolle, Nadia Theodore and Yvette Ratshikhopha. The event is free, so all you need to do is secure your seat and share your thoughts.

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About our speakers

Astra Armbrister-Rolle

Ms. Armbrister-Rolle is The Bahamas Consul General to Atlanta, Georgia. Her office has jurisdiction and accreditation in ten states in the U.S. Southeast. Rolle is a non-profit professional, a fierce advocate for sustainable, community-centered economic development for her country and has served as the Consul General for The Bahamas in Atlanta since November 2017.

Her passion and determination for community development are evident in her work, which has been highlighted in major national and international media houses. She earned a Proclamation from the Atlanta City Council to recognize her humanitarian efforts in the Hurricane Dorian crisis. Rolle’s leadership has also been acknowledged internationally. She currently holds membership on several boards, including The Carter Center Advisory Board and the World Trade Center-Atlanta. She has been featured on panels for the International Black Women in Public Policy Institute, the Congressional Black Caucus, and has addressed audiences across the United States and the Caribbean.

Rolle is a visionary leader who is dedicated to playing her part in improving the social, political, and economic environment in The Bahamas, and to a greater extent, the world.

Nadia Theodore

Ms. Theodore is Senior Vice President, Government and Industry Relations with Maple Leaf Foods. In this role, Ms. Theodore leads Maple Leaf Foods’s global government relations and public policy functions, collaborating across the organization in developing and implementing the company’s government and industry relations strategy.  

Prior to joining Maple Leaf Foods, Nadia spent over 20 years in the Canadian federal public service where she built a reputation for forging strong partnerships with government and business leaders, managing complex, priority trade files and leading multi-disciplinary teams. She has held senior leadership roles on several international trade negotiations and directly prior to joining Maple Leaf Foods, served as Canada’s Consul General to the Southeast USA, based in Atlanta.  

Ms. Theodore is a proud contributor to organizations committed to empowering people and culture. She has served as a Carleton University Alumni Mentor, as a Global Advisor with G(irls)20, on the Carter Center Advisory Board and on the Board of Directors for Canada’s Public Policy Forum. 

Ms. Theodore holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Master of Arts in Political Science, both from Carleton University, and a Bachelor of Laws from University of London. 

Yvette Ratshikhopha

Ms. Ratshikhopha, commonly known on digital spaces as Yvette Aloe is a certified Neuro Linguistics Practitioner, Life Coach, Business Strategist, Speaker and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people grow and become a better version of themselves. Having worked with people from different walks of life, Yvette is known for helping people remove fear, anxiety and self doubt, moving them past traumas and helping them create a better life for themselves. She does this through her personal development and healing workshops which are aimed at cultivating self-belief and giving people the tools to change their lives and businesses in a sustainable manner.

Ms. Ratshikhopha believes that through working on your own internal environment, you can then go and change your external environment and that everything starts within. Her passion for helping others has led to her being invited to speak at various events, facilitate workshops as well as speak at schools through her partnerships with non-profit organisations.

Ms. Ratshikhopha’s also runs her own business and NPO, focusing on skills development and training, which fall under the eco-system of helping South Africa and the world become a better place.

About the host

Sihle Bolani

Ms. Bolani is an Organisational Culture Strategist who is focused on driving meaningful change in organisations through collaborations that seek to uncover gaps relating to transformation, diversity, inclusion, inequality and strategic communications with the aim of developing comprehensive programmes that result in value for employers, employees and transformed workplace culture.

Although some progress has been made with regards to transformation in some organisations, aspects such as race and gender-based discrimination, pay inequality, recruitment processes, HR policies, company culture, language and symbols within organisations have not received an adequate amount of attention, which has resulted in a widening disconnect between employers and employees, increasing staff turnovers, increasing trust deficits and a steadily increasing spike in work-related stress, anxiety and other mental health-related concerns.

The key driver behind her work is her commitment to re-engineering workplaces and enabling the rise of healthy, conscious, equal and fair work environments that are safe for – and supportive of – all employees. In order to achieve this, honest and tough conversations must be met by deliberate, measurable action and commitment from leaders who value employee wellbeing and understand the relationship between employee satisfaction and business profitability.

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Sihle Bolani

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