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I don’t know about you, but when I worked in Corporate and surveyed my environment, observing my colleagues who didn’t look like me, it wasn’t long before I felt like they all seemed to know something I didn’t. I often thought it’s because I’m quiet or I’m not aggressive enough or maybe the quality of my work isn’t good enough or maybe I just wasn’t someone people wanted to associate with. Maybe, I was just someone people wanted to give stuff to do and that’s pretty much what my career would be about.

As I got older and more experienced, I realised there was more to it than I could have imagined. As a Black employee, and particularly a Black woman, I didn’t have the privilege of being identified as “talent”, even though I excelled in my roles. I didn’t have a senior leader or executive mentor or advise me about the workings of the workplace and how to play the game I previously never knew even existed.

I remember once reaching out to a senior Black man who was an executive in one of the companies I worked for, asking him to mentor and advise me. I explained to him that I’m aware of my shortcomings as far as corporate politics are concerned and how these are heightened by my gender, the business unit I’m in (and the complexities that came with). I asked for his guidance on how to successfully navigate these issues because I loved the work that I did, but the environment made it so incredibly difficult for me to feel safe, seen, heard, respected, valued, equal. When he realised that I was aware of the racial inequalities that were part of the fabric of that organisation’s culture, he avoided me until I left the organisation. I have often felt alone, misunderstood, unfairly treated and unsupported in the workplace.

I left corporate five years ago, and since then, I have spent a great deal of time learning and understanding corporate dynamics, power players, managing conflict, protecting yourself, constructive dismissal, identifying influencers and securing the success (and bag) you deserve. So, I want to share what I have learned with you so that you can begin working towards creating a different, more empowering career path for yourself. I’ve developed Unheard Sessions: Working Women Worldwide because I want you, your voice, your challenges and your dreams to be heard. And supported. And enabled.

In these sessions, which will be held monthly, I host a limited group of women and we address your issues, your challenges, your questions and I guide and advise you practically, in a group coaching format. It is also an opportunity to hear what other women are experiencing in the workplace which will not only help you see that you aren’t alone, but will also give you an opportunity to learn from each other, which is invaluable.

I believe that we have the power to change how we move inside and outside the workplace by investing in understanding what we’re dealing with, how it works and learning the most effective and strategic tools and tactics to win the war, battle by battle.

Sound like something you know you’d benefit from? Then get your tickets here now. Remember, spaces are limited. Don’t forget to invite your friends and colleagues you believe would also benefit from these conversations.

It’s time for us to shift the way we think so that when we move, collectively, the system we’re fighting begins to lose its stability.

Other career development platforms that are available to you include Konnekted, our 12-month intensive, practical development course for Black women. You can find our more about it and sign up here.

If you would prefer to work with me as your coach, you can find out more about that and sign up here. I only take on four coaching clients per six month period.

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