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It’s not empowerment that women need. We have always had power. What we need is for organisations and society to stop the erasure of women’s experiences and to put an end to the disablement of women’s progress, ability to successfully and safely pursue their dreams and create wealth on their terms.

Many of us planned our careers in our minds as a straight line from graduation to retirement. A few years, we begin to realise that managing our careers and our advancement in the workplace is not quite so simple or straight-forward. From navigating corporate politics to trying to find our voices and assert ourselves and intentionally pursue our professional goals, none of us can achieve success on our own. And that’s where I come in.


As a coach, I work one-on-one with clients for six (6) months to help them charter a clear and actionable plan that will help them achieve their professional goals, identify their blockages and develop tools to successfully work through challenges and seize the right opportunities to help you level up in the workplace.


Private coaching is different from what is offered through the Konnekted programme. My private coaching services are curated to suit your individual needs with access to the relevant tools, advice and guidance to support you on your journey.

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I am prepared to give it my allI am kind of committedNot really sure

$5,000 upfront for six months of coaching$1,500 as deposit and pay the balance over 5 monthsOther

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