Race in the workplace: The Black experience in the US private sector – McKinsey (February 2021)


Racial equality in the workplace, despite the abundant research & literature that outlines this as a critical component for social justice, addressing structural inequalities, employee wellbeing & satisfaction as well as meaningful economic participation and improved quality of life for all employees (which all contribute to productivity and business profitability), remains a barrier that Black workers are confronted by on a daily basis.

McKinsey & Company recently published a report that looks into the Black experience in the US private sector & the challenges in South Africa are the same. What is different about the Black experience in Corporate South Africa, is that Black people make up the majority of the country’s population, however, this is not reflected in income, opportunities for advancement/promotion, senior level positions, economic participation, organisational power & its ability to influence decisions that address socio-economic disparities in the workplace, ownership, board memberships, etc.

We’re also a country where, as a result of apartheid and its after-effects, millions of Black South Africans have not had access to the quality of education that private sector organisations often demand from applicants & that aid advancement & sponsorship.

Read the full report here.

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