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Konnekted with Sihle Bolani

A Konnekted Membership is What Every Black Woman Professional Needs in 2021

Sihle Bolani, Author of the award-nominated book, ‘We Are the Ones We Need: The War on Black Professionals in Corporate South Africa’, opens membership of her highly sought after Konnekted with Sihle Bolani program to Black women professionals for the 2021 program.

Konnekted is a 12-month membership program targeted at Black women who want to advance their careers and improve personal growth. The program is comprised of practical workshops facilitated by Black women who are experts in their fields. Konnekted aims to equip members to develop tools and skills to navigate the workplace and position themselves for optimized career advancement. 

“As a young Black woman in the corporate world, I realized that we don’t have access to meaningful support to help us actively drive our careers and achieve the success we work so hard for. We don’t have the privilege of sponsors, we aren’t given the benefit of exposure to tips on how to navigate the workplace successfully. Leaders in our organizations generally don’t invest in our informal development by helping us learn strategic soft skills to aid our advancement. That’s why it was important for me to start Konnekted. New information gives way to new, more creative ways of thinking and it unleashes a level of confidence that has been lying dormant. I want Konnekted members to feel powerful because yes, the work that we do is impactful, but more importantly, they are reminded of who they are and begin to reject all other social and professional nuances that have continuously sought to diminish them and their value,” says founder, Sihle Bolani.

Konnekted Meetups are hosted virtually every eight weeks and members are taught a wide range of skills such as:

  • How to Play Big, silence the inner critic, and embrace their inner mentor
  • How to create Thinking Space to produce your best ideas and be an effective Thinking Partner
  • How to navigate corporate politics
  • How to leverage their influence
  • Public speaking and Communications training
  • Language 101: ‘What you need to watch out for’
  • Skills required for successful board memberships
  • Crisis management
  • Negotiation skills and positioning for promotions

But that’s not all. Konnekted also provides a safe space for Black women to connect with each other and redefine the quality of relationships they want for themselves. One fellow of the 2020 class, Noma Dzinotyiwei, summed up the overall impact of being a Konnekted member. She said: “Sihle has put together a wonderful program. It has been challenging at times but gratifying because we explored things that limit us in terms of how we show up at the workplace and life in general.  I really liked the fact that it was a safe and supportive space and a place where I felt uplifted. I have met new people, made new friends, and discovered some things about myself. I think what I’ve learned will help me become a better person and a better leader. I would recommend this program to ladies who want to make big steps in their careers and be a better version of themselves.”

Applications for the 2021 program are now open and spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost of the program is 2,000 ZAR/300USD per month for 12 months. For further information or to submit an application, visit:

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