[WATCH] Good Hope FM Warrior Women Webinar

I recently had the pleasure of being a panelist for Good Hope FM’s Warrior Women Webinar, powered by Engen. The webinar focused on purpose, determining whether balance is possible, the importance of sharing our stories, how women can adopt a culture of prioritising themselves and how we figure out what we’re supposed to be doing with our lives.

So many of us suffer in silence, struggling with self-doubt, exhaustion, taking care of everything & everyone else, trying to be superwoman, pursue demanding careers and end up feeling less and less like ourselves. That disconnect often leaves us feeling lost, desperately wondering if there’s more to life.

This webinar was a wonderful and insightful conversation hosted by Good Hope FM’s Leigh-Anne Williams and featuring Engen’s Bulela Mkandawire, Good Luck lead singer, Juliet Harding and Planet Productions CEO, Karen Burt.

I’ve uploaded the recording on my Youtube channel and you can watch it below.

Video: Good Hope FM/Engen
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